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Success for Hollie

I am 27 and had been learning to drive for 6 months with a different instructor which for various reasons was not working out. A friend had successfully passed her test through DaveHollie Wicks and only had good feedback regarding her lessons with him. I made the decision to change instructors and found for me it was the best thing I could’ve done.
Dave’s teaching style suited me perfectly. He was patient, calm and managed to make me feel confident behind the wheel which I never thought would happen. He was always on time to lessons, never once cancelled, was flexible around my job and even flexible enough to give me a few lessons in my own car, this boosted my confidence to such a degree that I took my test in it and passed! I would strongly recommend anyone to learn to drive with Dave…Hollie Wicks

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I want to thank Dave hugely for being a great driving instructor and helping me pass my practical and theory tests! Always patient, clear and friendly, Dave made me instantly feel at ease as I started learning. All areas of the syllabus were always well explained, with Dave taking an active interest in making sure I understood and was confident in what I was doing. With great local knowledge and familiarity with the local test routes, we were able to cover loads of tricky situations, so there were no surprises on test day! Thanks Dave – couldn’t have done it without you! Alex McGregor.

Dave Donaldson was one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of studying under. He was always calm, kind and very patient. Even though my lifestyle is very hectic, Dave made time in his schedule around my needs. He always remembers what was covered in previous lessons and what still needs to be worked on. I believe that because of Dave’s extensive career in education, he has a natural ability to teach which shines through in his lessons. He is clear and concise in his lesson plan, always taking the time to ask his students how they feel their lessons are going and if there is anything they would like him to repeat or do over. What’s also very good about Dave’s lessons is he always sends a text message to remind his students of their lessons. He thoroughly prepared me for my test making sure to go over all the details of what to expect on the test, where it will take place and any little things that may catch someone out. Dave’s car is always clean, easy to drive and in excellent working condition. I was delighted to pass the test.  Alison Darby.

Whether you are a first time driver, or looking to improve on your existing skills, I would warmly recommend Dave to you. Having previously taken driving lessons 8 years ago I was able to compare Dave’s instruction to that of my previous instructor, and I was more than satisfied. Dave is a friendly, professional and conscientious instructor, always taking care to reassure, whilst allowing you to use your own initiative and build confidence. Dave was able to explain new manoeuvres and driving situations clearly and I always felt prepared going out on the road. I was particularly impressed with Dave’s attitude towards developing life long driving skills; not just becoming test ready but also working on developing an eco safe driving technique for the future. Since passing I have had two additional lessons – one for bay parking and one for motorway driving – both of which I have found extremely valuable. I took 13 lessons with Dave, and passed first time. I’m very happy with that result!  Holly Sheppard.

Hi Dave, I really enjoyed my lessons with you, they were always relaxed which was really helpful and definitely contributed to helping me pass first time! Thank you so much.  Jasmine.

Just a note to thank you very much for everything you have done for Tom. You have given him confidence and all the general driving skills and specific techniques for manoeuvres which I couldn’t have done. We are so delighted he has passed his test. I am sure your tuition will make him into a very competent driver. Thank you for everything you have done, for your patience, encouragement and for bearing with us. You have been a wonderful instructor and I will recommend you to any of my friends’ children who need someone kind for driving lessons or to help them to pass the test. Many, many thanks and I wish you well.  Judy Lovick.

Picking up driving tuition after a three year break from lessons was difficult for me, but Dave’s thorough, considered approach made everything easy. He quickly built my confidence back up and the quality of his teaching meant that we were quickly able to identify which areas I needed to work on. Dave is incredibly supportive of his learners, and I felt completely at ease and well prepared before my test. My success is a testament to his teaching style, patience and commitment to safe driving. Laura Stephens.

My driving experience has been a very excitable one, and although I was overjoyed to pass my test, I was slightly saddened that my lessons with Dave had come to an end. Dave’s’ style of teaching is excellent, it is very well structured. It is obvious that he is an experienced teacher. He is an excellent communicator and is a very patient instructor. Dave is very reliable and has always turned up for lessons a few minutes early in order to prepare for the lesson. He is always well prepared and ready to teach. Dave made notes every lesson on my progress and therefore the lessons were well structured as I knew exactly what I needed to improve the next lesson. He is a motivating driving instructor, he makes driving fun and exciting like it should be, and has taught me skills which I will use for life. He has prepared me for the world of driving in a way so that I am confident and I don’t just feel like I’ve just passed the test out of luck. I am planning to do the pass plus course with him, which I’m sure, will be just as great as all the lessons that I’ve already had with him. Nishaat Parkar.

I just wanted to say that as a driver that first passed in Canada over 15 years ago, you immediately understood what I was looking for in order to obtain my UK licence and to refresh my driving skills in general. I was very pleased with how we spent a few lessons reviewing the test manoeuvres and typical route. I would gladly recommend you to any experienced driver trying to pass their test in the U.K.  Ryan Shook.

Dave as an instructor was kind and calm, never letting me panic, especially when tension was high on the roads and other drivers weren’t taking my learning into consideration. He is friendly and understanding, knowing that driving is often a difficult learning process, but never let me give up. Brilliant instructor! Thanks, Rachel Bailey.

Hi Dave, was a good result today, I’m very chuffed! Would just like to say a HUGE thank you for all your help over the past few months, you have been a fantastic driving instructor and I will always put in a good word for you to anyone I come across looking to learn to drive. I hope to see you later in the year for Pass Plus.  Ben Thorne.

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