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Past References

Success for Gary Thornton

Gary ThorntonI had previously had 20-25 hours with another instructor, and, with my test imminent, Dave kindly took me on for an intensive course of ten more hours. Without Dave’s help, I would never have passed my test. Before my lessons with Dave I didn’t really enjoy driving, but I always left Dave’s lessons wanting to get straight back into the car. Dave is a fantastic teacher who makes the whole process of learning how to drive easy to understand and really enjoyable. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dave to anyone. Thanks a million Dave for helping me pass my test first time! Gary Thornton.

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Success for Cameron Masters

Cameron MastersMy Dad learnt to drive with Dave and he was really pleased with him. The natural choice for me was to learn to drive with Dave. Right from the start I could see why my Dad enjoyed learning to drive with him so much. His teaching style was brilliant, always patient and he explained everything so very well. I passed my driving test first time. Thank you so much Dave.
Cameron Masters

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Success for Freya Hillyer

Freya HillyerI was taught to drive by my parents and then engaged Dave to assess my driving and bring me up to test standard. Dave was happy to teach me in my own car. Thank you Dave so much for helping me to pass the test first time with zero driving faults. All your advice and tips were so useful and I wouldn’t have be able to pass the test without them. I would recommend Dave to anyone learning to drive.
Freya Hillyer.

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Success for Hannah Oakford

Hannah OakfordDave is an exceptional Driving Instructor approaching every new skill with expertise, patience and encouragement. Each lesson left me feeling more confident in the driving seat than the last. Thank you Dave for teaching me to drive and helping me to pass my test.
Hannah Oakford.

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Success for James Gard

James GardI could not have asked for anyone better to teach me how to drive than Dave. My lessons with Dave were very fun and enjoyable whilst allowing me to progress quickly. Now that I’ve passed, I feel that Dave has given me the skills and confidence to be a good driver. Thank you Dave!

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