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Success for Ashley Mitchell

Ashley MitchellDave is a fantastic driving instructor. All of his lessons are fun and very enjoyable. I cannot recommend Dave enough for his professionalism, patience and thorough organisation. I certainly couldn’t have passed my practical test without Dave. Thank you – Ashley Mitchell.
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Success for Megan Cronin

Megan CroninI can’t recommend Dave highly enough. His driving knowledge and great teaching skills have made the whole process of learning to drive a really enjoyable experience right from my very 1st lesson.
Thanks again Dave – Megan

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Success for Oliver Farndon

Oliver FarndonIt was fun learning to drive with Dave, his instruction is thorough and well planned. He provided written feedback after every lesson so you know what went well and why and areas for improvement. He gives you confidence to try new things and keeps you going when you may be finding it hard. You can look back and see how your driving has improved and if you still need to do more. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dave for helping me to pass my driving test with only two minor faults.
Oliver Farndon

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