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Success for Guy Brown

Guy BrownThank you Dave for helping me pass my driving test first time with only one minor fault. Dave has been a superb driving instructor and has really helped me to improve my confidence and ability. I really enjoyed the lessons with him  as there is a very good balance between learning the techniques for manoeuvres etc and driving in a wide variety of situations in order to improve confidence and road safety. He is also very patient in ensuring that a new concept/skill is correctly learnt. I would recommend Dave to anyone wanting to learn to drive.
Guy Brown.

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Success for Tilly Cole

Tilly ColeThank you Dave for helping me pass my driving test. Dave is a very patient, and helpful driving instructor who knows everything there is to know! I highly recommend him to anybody wanting to learn to drive.

Tilly Cole.

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Success for Tyson Niemeyer

Tyson NiemeyerAs an American with 20+ years driving experience, I found it very difficult to make the transition to driving in the UK. Everything is different! Different side of the car, shifting with a different hand, and very different road signs and Highway Code.

After a couple years of trying on my own, I hired Dave. I had increased confidence and knowledge after my first lesson. Dave’s calm demeanour and great teaching style made unpicking the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of driving in the UK. His website helped me to pass the theory test on the first attempt and after 7, 2-hour lessons I passed my practical test with ease.

Massive thank you, Dave! Highly recommend you to anyone looking for instruction.

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Success for Darrell Richardson

Darrell RichardsonDave is a great instructor. He made me feel relaxed and I enjoyed every lesson, he made them fun. He used to be my primary school Headteacher and was a great teacher then so it’s been really nice having him teach me to drive too. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again for helping me to pass 1st time Dave!
Darrell Richardson.

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